This upcoming video project reflects on the way the world conditions us to conform to certain gender roles, identities + expectations. It’s a reflection on the way that so many individuals who feel different, are defined as strange or unacceptable. As always, the video hopes to open minds and inspire more kindness and understanding for the LGBTQ community, and anyone who doesn’t fit the norm.

The performance is an aerial act performed by Delphine Cezard. Though the performance, we explore what the world defines as the ideal way to be, for a man or a woman. Different scenarios are presented in silhouette, showing the clear approvals and disapprovals of society using colored LED colored lights. During the performance, there will be a voice over explaining the rules our world has set for each gender, and questioning the purpose of their existence.

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Damian Siqueiros Photographer, Max Machado, Aziz Zoromba, François Côté-lemay